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Hi Yuletide Santa! Thanks so much for taking on this challenge! =D

General info: I'm a canon pairings kind of girl. I'm a sucker for romance, formal wear, angst, drama, action, adventure, humor, snuggling, making out, missions (if applicable), convoluted plots, simple plots, fluff... yeah. Not a fan of lots of graphic torture*. Emotional angst? Hell yes, as long as it ends on a more positive note. If you're in the mood to do an AU (or alternate canon), go for it! If you can't do the pairing I requested, gen would also be awesome. If you want to write graphic het sex, I'm totally up for that. Anyway, whatever you do is going to be great, and I can't wait!

Getting a holiday-set or holiday-themed story would be great if you want to do that. Gender-swapping two characters (as long as the pairing remains het) could work too, if that's where your mind goes. Also, if I requested a fandom, I've been through the whole thing (or whatever has legally aired in the US; if it's available through alternate channels, I probably haven't seen it).

*The Addamses are kind of exempt from this because they're supernatural and don't really seem to experience pain the way normal people do, so... I guess I really don't want a lot of meaningless pain inflicted on someone if that person isn't an Addams, who would just laugh at it.

Here are my requests:

#1 - Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew, Ned Nickerson

I love Nancy Drew with Ned Nickerson. I love first time, married, at college together, living together, roleplaying, having a fight but making up, being totally loving and sweet with each other, angst, drama, romance, humor as long as it doesn't get too surreal or ridiculous, pretty much anything. The only thing I don't like is a ton of graphic torture, but graphic sex is totally fine. If you'd like a specific prompt, maybe something involving Nancy and Ned at a fraternity party, or Nancy and Ned somehow having to take care of a baby on an emergency basis, for a night or a weekend. Involving Bess, George, Carson, Hannah, and/or Ned's parents is totally fine; if you bring in Frank Hardy, just don't have the story end with Nancy/Frank. (Nancy/Frank for Nancy/Ned angst value works.)

#2 - Addams Family (1991)
Gomez Addams, Morticia Addams

I LOVE Gomez and Morticia. LOVE THEM. I love both the movies, and I love how much they adore each other, and how they see the world. If you want to set a story before or after either of the movies, or maybe about their relationship when they met, or anything, really, I would be delighted. If you want a specific prompt, maybe about when Wednesday announces that she's marrying someone (if that someone is Joel Glicker, that's cool; if it's someone else, that's cool). Or Gomez and Morticia's wedding night. Or just ANYTHING, seriously. Lots of plot, no plot, whatever you feel like doing. And if you want to write a lot of just full-on kinky sex? Go for it!

#3 Downton Abbey
Mary Crawley, Matthew Crawley

At the time that I'm writing this I have only seen through the end of Series 2, and since Series 3 won't be available to me until January, PLEASE don't spoil me if you've seen any of Series 3. This means you have a perfect opportunity to write an AU/AC story if you have seen Series 3. I adore Mary/Matthew (and Anna/Bates, to be honest, but including them is entirely optional). If you want to change their backstory, put them in a modern setting or an older setting or anything, or talk about their wedding/wedding night, any or all of those would be great. (I also will not mind AT ALL if O'Brien and/or Thomas and/or Sir Richard Carlisle are punched in the face during the course of your story.)

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