Oct. 14th, 2012

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Hi Yuletide Santa! Thanks so much for taking on this challenge! =D

General info: I'm a canon pairings kind of girl. I'm a sucker for romance, formal wear, angst, drama, action, adventure, humor, snuggling, making out, missions (if applicable), convoluted plots, simple plots, fluff... yeah. Not a fan of lots of graphic torture*. Emotional angst? Hell yes, as long as it ends on a more positive note. If you're in the mood to do an AU (or alternate canon), go for it! If you can't do the pairing I requested, gen would also be awesome. If you want to write graphic het sex, I'm totally up for that. Anyway, whatever you do is going to be great, and I can't wait!

Getting a holiday-set or holiday-themed story would be great if you want to do that. Gender-swapping two characters (as long as the pairing remains het) could work too, if that's where your mind goes. Also, if I requested a fandom, I've been through the whole thing (or whatever has legally aired in the US; if it's available through alternate channels, I probably haven't seen it).

*The Addamses are kind of exempt from this because they're supernatural and don't really seem to experience pain the way normal people do, so... I guess I really don't want a lot of meaningless pain inflicted on someone if that person isn't an Addams, who would just laugh at it.

Here are my requests:

Nancy Drew, Addams Family (1991), Downton Abbey )


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