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If you are inclined, you can find my Amazon Kindle books, written under the name Olivia M. Kelley, by visiting my author page.

I've set up a Facebook page for Olivia M. Kelley, too.

I have a page on Blogspot as well, to talk about writing.
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If you are inclined, you can find my Amazon Kindle books, written under the name Olivia M. Kelley, by visiting my author page.

I've set up a Facebook page for Olivia M. Kelley, too.

I have a page on Blogspot as well, to talk about writing.
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So, I've come up with a survey for Nancy Drew book readers. It's short, just four questions, and it's just to satisfy my own curiosity. If you're interested, you can take it here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LS5PHBS . You don't need an LJ username or any other way to log in, and the answers are totally anonymous.

My rationale for this is behind the cut, because I don't want to bias responses. In fact, I tried to make the answer choices as non-biased as possible.

Explanation )


Oct. 16th, 2012 11:35 pm
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nothing else but this is now my longest (sole-authored) series, currently just over 178,000 words. I'm writing the fifth story in the series, and it's going to run at least 5 more chapters before I start the next story in the series. (This is pretty crazy because I started writing it just under three months ago; red label, for example, dates back to 2006.)

souhait accordé is almost twice as long, currently almost 331,000 words, a good deal of which was cowritten with [livejournal.com profile] killingstreak and [livejournal.com profile] littlemsmessy. That was started September 2011. (souhait is currently on cycle, or book, 4, and a fifth and sixth are planned.)

Man, I can't even imagine how awesome the summer of 2013 will be, if I have a similar amount of time to write again...
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1. OH MAN I HAVE AN IDEA FOR A NEW STORY! It would be an AU futurefic.
3. But it's AU enough that I could eliminate the canon references and make it an original fic.
4. But... the scenario doesn't have enough plot to make it interesting if it isn't fanfic.
5. So I need more plot.
7. Also I love the fandom characters so much that I'm super invested if I'm writing about them. It's not nearly as exciting with original characters.
8. But it could be. If I bring in that other fandom element and tweak it enough to make it original.
9. But what if no one wants to read it unless it's fanfic.

Rinse and repeat.
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Chuck fic is done and has been sent to be beta-read! Just got a great idea for a Lois & Clark fic! [livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang deadline for both those stories is in 16 days!

And what doc do I have open? A Nancy Drew porn battle (amnesty-round, no deadline) entry in progress.


My priorities are totally in order.
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30 squats with exercise ball
30 birddogs with exercise ball (1 equals doing both left and right)
30 supine bridges with exercise ball
30 pushups with exercise ball
30 abdominal tucks with exercise ball
30 crunches with exercise ball
30 balance with exercise ball (lifts per leg)
10 side stretches with exercise ball (per side)
30 leg lifts while squeezing exercise ball
40 cross-body punches with 5 pound weights (per arm)

and i've finished the epilogue for honeymoon on the nile, instead of writing the next chapter; i posted the latest chapter very late sunday. hooray!
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CLEARLY i never want to sleep again.

porn battle poll results:
nancy drew and chuck tied at 4 votes
lois & clark, justified, and criminal intent tied at 2 votes
easy A, community, jane eyre, and star trek tng tied at 1 vote

written for porn battle xiii (i'll add late work to this list):
used to know (RPF, zachary levi/yvonne strahovski) [camera, off; set after the chuck series finale]
stolen (nancy/ned) [stolen, necktie, cashmere; nancy and ned go back to emerson after they're graduated and break a few rules]
melior est die mortis (justified, raylan/winona) [high heels, longneck, slow dance, buried, remember, whiskey, honey; future fic: the longer he's here, the further it digs back into him]
all in (nancy/ned) [seduction, brunette, tattoo; AU: nancy clashes with the publisher of the magazine she works for, until she doesn't]
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fun facts.
Secrets of the Nile number of chapters: 19
number of pages: 216
lines of text per full page: 30 lines in approx 12 point Times New Roman with 0.9 spacing

Honeymoon on the Nile current number of chapters: 7 (of at least 20)
current number of pages (1" margins 12 point Georgia with 1.0 spacing): 53
current number of pages when formatted like Secrets of the Nile: 147
anticipated number of pages when finished if formatted like Secrets of the Nile: 420



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