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Mar. 16th, 2037 08:56 pm
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I have an original novel available on Amazon; here's the link. It's available in print or on Kindle.

Become a Patron!

I'm also publishing Nancy Drew fanfiction on Patreon. People who sign up to provide monthly pledges, or payments, are able to see what I post there. Some of the ongoing stories I'm posting there include the boyfriend experience, secretly, bound, and persephone. After six months, the stories and story chapters posted on Patreon are posted here on Dreamwidth, and on AO3. Stories marked as "This story (chapter) was originally published elsewhere" on AO3 were published on Patreon six months earlier. (Thank you for coming up with the original banner, [livejournal.com profile] killingstreak! :)

If you want to read my fanfiction here on Dreamwidth, please visit [community profile] ivory_charmed. (Some of the stories there are adult-rated, so please read responsibly.) My Nancy Drew stories are crossposted to [community profile] nancydrewfic.

If you want to read my fanfiction on AO3, here's the link. Again, some of the stories are adult-rated, so please read responsibly.

If you're into tumblr, my general everything tumblr is ndnickerson; my specifically Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson fan tumblr is nedxnancy; my writing tumblr there is nancydrewdiary. I also roleplay as Nancy Drew Nickerson at nancydrewnickerson.

Nearly all of my personal entries here are friends-locked.

If you have any questions, please ask!
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Hi guys!

I'm in the process of importing my journal (yet again) over to dreamwidth. You can find me at ndnickerson.dreamwidth.com. I've also imported my writing journal, ivory-charmed, and the nancydrewfic community to dreamwidth. I'll be updating those instead of the LJ versions, thanks to the recent Terms of Service changes. I don't plan on deleting any of the LJ journals unless circumstances change.

We've had a good run, LJ.
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I'm posting this here so I can refer back to it. ;) If you want to play too, visit [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo.

My hc_bingo card )
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So, since I have been doing my best to eat a hearty (and yet low-carb) breakfast lately... for posterity:

First, find everything you need. A clean frying pan, to start, one with the sloped sides like an omelet pan. A wooden spoon, a coffee cup, a plate, a fork, a knife. Butter, four large eggs, grated or thin-sliced cheese, toppings (for me, usually spinach and mushroom, sometimes with sausage and/or onion), salt/pepper, a tortilla.

  1. Cut the tortilla in half. (I do this to save on carbs. A whole low-carb burrito-sized tortilla is 6 carbs.)

  2. Sprinkle/arrange cheese over tortilla, and leave some on the other half of the plate.

  3. Crack four eggs into the coffee mug. If you are anal about having egg whites in your scrambled eggs, go ahead and whisk them together with a fork. If not, just leave them.

  4. Put the pan on the stove and set the temperature to medium (because I'm impatient).

  5. Slice two pats of butter.

  6. Toss one pat of butter into the pan and make sure the melted butter coats the bottom.

  7. Arrange six or seven mushroom slices in the pan. Sprinkle with salt.

  8. Cook mushrooms for one minute, then flip them over and add a handful of raw spinach to the pan. Stir with the wooden spoon until the spinach has wilted and the mushrooms have caramelized on both sides. (If adding other pre-cooked toppings, toss them in at the end and stir until heated through. Chicken is really good with this.)

  9. Slide the mushrooms and spinach out of the pan and onto the tortilla/cheese.

  10. Toss the other pat of butter into the pan. If the butter smokes and turns brown, turn the heat down (and you really should wipe out the pan and melt another pat of butter, which I almost never do).

  11. Once the butter is melted, pour the raw eggs into the pan. If needed, break the yolks with the wooden spoon and stir it all around, then add salt (and pepper, though no pepper for me lately).

  12. Wait for the eggs to cook on the bottom before messing with them, or they will stick to the pan.

  13. Once the eggs are cooked to your desired temp, slide them onto the plate.

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Title: on a winter's night
Written for: Nancy Drew Yuletide 2015
Fandom: Nancy Drew, post-Files (slightly AU) canon
Pairing/Characters: Nancy Drew/Ned Nickerson, Edith/James Nickerson
Word Count: 5500
Rating: NC-17
Summary/Prompt: This is actually written for two prompts, one of which is a spoiler; the other is Nancy/James bonding. Nancy isn't looking forward to spending another Christmas without Ned.
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Adult situations and a little language.

The drive out isn't so bad )

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I've been posting here with some regularity, but not publically; I'm not ready to talk about what's going on publically yet.

But: It's summer, and I'm infinitely glad. And I hope everyone else is having a lovely summer too.


Apr. 9th, 2015 05:18 pm
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Received this lovely gift in the mail today! (The package arrived "unsealed in the mail," so I hope this was all that should have been inside!) The bookmark on the left is made to look like the spine of a Nancy Drew book, so that's really cool. :)
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I never met [livejournal.com profile] littlemsmessy in person. I was hoping that I would be able to meet her in summer 2015, but it seems that will never happen, now.

I did have the chance to tell her earlier this year how much her support meant to me, and how her stories always moved me - they were always thoughtful, funny, sweet, tear-jerking. I'm glad now that I was able to do that, since I can't be with her tonight. I know that even if I were there, I wouldn't be able to do anything - and I'm heartbroken.

I will miss you so much. I will miss your presence in my life, your support, your concern. I will miss your stories. I will miss having you as a friend. And all I can wish for you now is an end to your pain, and that someday we'll meet again, and we'll talk about Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson and our love for them. And there will be no pain.
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[livejournal.com profile] extreme_bigbang

Multifandom Extreme Big Bang: All Fandoms. All Characters & Pairings. 100,000 words in ten months.
Artists & Other Written Mediums: Find Equally Extreme Parameters at the Comm!
Author Sign Up | Artist Sign Up | Beta Sign Up

Find the Schedule Here.
Check Out the Rules & FAQs for More Info.
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If you are inclined, you can find my Amazon Kindle books, written under the name Olivia M. Kelley, by visiting my author page.

I've set up a Facebook page for Olivia M. Kelley, too.

I have a page on Blogspot as well, to talk about writing.
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If you are inclined, you can find my Amazon Kindle books, written under the name Olivia M. Kelley, by visiting my author page.

I've set up a Facebook page for Olivia M. Kelley, too.

I have a page on Blogspot as well, to talk about writing.
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It's almost time! I'd like to figure out what to write, though. I have definitely decided that it will be a Nancy Drew story this year. Of all the fandoms I write, that's the one that's most fun for me to write.

[Poll #1906771]


Apr. 5th, 2013 11:35 pm
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I have an appointment at the Apple store in the morning. My six-year-old MacBook has decided that I don't need a monitor. (It flashes once on startup and shows that it is sending the right signal, but then goes black. Zapping the PRAM, taking the battery out and resetting it that way - neither worked; booting with the Shift key down to put it in Safe Mode seemed to work for about thirty seconds, but then it shorted out again.)

Might very well buy a new computer tomorrow.

(On the plus side, I'm able to do target disk mode and pull files off, so if I do need a new computer, it'll be an easy setup; on the other hand, buying a new computer right now wasn't really something I had budgeted, so that's the opposite of awesome.

But I had a feeling I might need to buy a new one soon, because my computer is six years old, and that's a pretty good life for a laptop. And having a new one will be pretty sweet.)

ETA: Apparently the monitor is dying. So I bought a new computer! Makes sense. ;)
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I'm sure I'm being naive here--and that anyone who thinks so will tell me.

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So, I've come up with a survey for Nancy Drew book readers. It's short, just four questions, and it's just to satisfy my own curiosity. If you're interested, you can take it here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LS5PHBS . You don't need an LJ username or any other way to log in, and the answers are totally anonymous.

My rationale for this is behind the cut, because I don't want to bias responses. In fact, I tried to make the answer choices as non-biased as possible.

Explanation )
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and by that i mean the LEGIT one (not the one that i and [livejournal.com profile] littlemsmessy occasionally throw over at [livejournal.com profile] nancydrewfic).

here's the link to the main dreamwidth site for it


prompting starts tomorrow!!!!!!!
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My sister and brother-in-law are visiting, and they eat carbs, so we did have a few normal things (Stovetop stuffing, cloverleaf [brown and serve] rolls, sweet potato souffle, macaroni and cheese, jellied cranberry sauce) but I didn't eat any of the "full-carb" dishes.

Our menu:
-Roasted turkey (which Mom just does however she wants every year, and it includes salt, pepper, butter, poultry seasoning if we have it, and a light dusting of flour)
-Spiral sliced ham
-Sausage and sage stuffing (which requires 8 slices of Atkins Cuisine bread)
-Cauliflower-Sour Cream Mash
-Atkins Cornbread
-Steamed broccoli
-Cran-raspberry sauce
-Deviled eggs (made southern style)
-Maple Pecan Pie

I haven't tried the pecan pie yet, but Dad said it was good.

I made the pie, boiled the eggs, and made the Atkins Cuisine bread last night - and ended up getting to bed at 4 a.m. What have I learned? Nothing, really. The stuffing was just a touch wetter than I usually want it, so I'll cut down on the chicken broth next time, but on the whole, everything was excellent this year. I'm so glad the Atkins bake mix got here yesterday.

Hope everyone who is celebrating is having a good one! :) If not, happy Thursday!


Oct. 16th, 2012 11:35 pm
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nothing else but this is now my longest (sole-authored) series, currently just over 178,000 words. I'm writing the fifth story in the series, and it's going to run at least 5 more chapters before I start the next story in the series. (This is pretty crazy because I started writing it just under three months ago; red label, for example, dates back to 2006.)

souhait accordé is almost twice as long, currently almost 331,000 words, a good deal of which was cowritten with [livejournal.com profile] killingstreak and [livejournal.com profile] littlemsmessy. That was started September 2011. (souhait is currently on cycle, or book, 4, and a fifth and sixth are planned.)

Man, I can't even imagine how awesome the summer of 2013 will be, if I have a similar amount of time to write again...
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Hi Yuletide Santa! Thanks so much for taking on this challenge! =D

General info: I'm a canon pairings kind of girl. I'm a sucker for romance, formal wear, angst, drama, action, adventure, humor, snuggling, making out, missions (if applicable), convoluted plots, simple plots, fluff... yeah. Not a fan of lots of graphic torture*. Emotional angst? Hell yes, as long as it ends on a more positive note. If you're in the mood to do an AU (or alternate canon), go for it! If you can't do the pairing I requested, gen would also be awesome. If you want to write graphic het sex, I'm totally up for that. Anyway, whatever you do is going to be great, and I can't wait!

Getting a holiday-set or holiday-themed story would be great if you want to do that. Gender-swapping two characters (as long as the pairing remains het) could work too, if that's where your mind goes. Also, if I requested a fandom, I've been through the whole thing (or whatever has legally aired in the US; if it's available through alternate channels, I probably haven't seen it).

*The Addamses are kind of exempt from this because they're supernatural and don't really seem to experience pain the way normal people do, so... I guess I really don't want a lot of meaningless pain inflicted on someone if that person isn't an Addams, who would just laugh at it.

Here are my requests:

Nancy Drew, Addams Family (1991), Downton Abbey )


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